mCharts is a Personal Health Record (PHR) application and service network that stores a patient’s health records from all providers, and presents them on a Facebook-like timeline, a body map, and other simple views, making health records easy to understand and communicate.
The typical family interacts with over 10 different providers, each with their own record system and patient portal. Like for personal finance, mCharts brings all records together in one place, so they are ready when needed for routine needs or emergency situations.
mCharts makes healthcare more effective by empowering patients with all their health information. Studies show a significant improvement in outcomes when a patient is engaged as an active partner in care.
Patient records are stored securely and made available to providers and family members strictly according to patient instructions
mCharts saves money on medical costs by linking to health savings networks like GoodRx, HealthSparq, and other evolving services, which help find cost savings for prescription drugs and elective/planned procedures.

iPhone and Web App

See a snapshot of your health in innovative ways

Data Analytics

Provide anonymous data for medical research networks

Automatic syncing

Chartbots automatically collect medical records from all providers.

mCharts Service Network

Access to providers, diagnostic networks, health reminders, and several other health resources.